A Seoul Based Photographer 

Son Mihyun

A Seoul Based Photographer


Son Mihyun

Unfamiliar Familiar by Seven Artists at Space B-E Avie Muah Showroom
Select Mauer
Cheonwang Apartment
Shelf by Simone
Thieves Like Us by Chris Ro
Order and Will by Koh Heeseung at Yeol
Project Limited by Seo Junghwa & Ryu Jongdae
Project Limited
UE 100
SBAU 2021 Picture Book
Aluminum Shelves by Spatial Semiology
Pushpush by Lee Yoonjeong & Greatminor
IMH Showroom
Multipurpose Cart by Spatial Semiology
WTR&M Branding
Mangrove Sinseol
Fp Branding
Reel Basket by Kuo Duo
Evenely - Step by Step by Jung Hyunjee
The Growth and Develeopment by Baek Kyungwon
Le Peche Mignon Branding
Herere Rebranding
Meet Me Home
Project Public
Buhee Showroom
Museum Archive x The Horang
Peace Piece by Kuo Duo
Negative Lines by Jung Sunggyu at House Musee Works by Herere
Time Forest by Kim Junsu at Yeol Works by Kim Junsu
One of D

Felt Office & Training Center
Steel & Brass by FF Collective
The 4th Nature by 52dong Collective
Nm Branding
Farming by Choi Kunsik at Gallery ERD
Works by Herere
Not Bad
FF Collective
Talk with Erosis at House Musee
The Oddness by Texmosa at House Musee

SBAU 2021 Picture Book, 2021

Herere, 2021

Works by Kim Junsu, 2021

One of D, 2021

Felt Office & Training Center, 2020

Tacit, 2020


Steel & Brass by FF Collective, 2020

The 4th Nature by 52dong Collective, 2020

Quartz, 2020

Nm Branding, 2020

Farming by Choi Kunsik at Gallery ERD, 2020

Herere, 2020

Not Bad, 2020

FF Collective, 2020

Talk with Erosis at House Musee, 2020

The Oddness by Texmosa at House Musee, 2020


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© MH photography